Earth Prime: Batwoman #1

DC Comics

Written by Natalie Abrams, Kelly Larson, and Camrus Johnson

Art by Clayton Henry and Michael Calero

Colors by Marcelo Maiolo and Matt Herms

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: The Bat Team works with Lena Luthor in an attempt to stop someone dangerous.

The issue opens with Tanner Freyr attending a social gathering when an altercation occurs. Soon, Batwoman arrives on the scene and is met by an unexpected enemy. Later, at Gotham City Hall, Ryan and Luke discuss the effects of Bruce Wayne’s trophies on their hosts.

Next, at Ryan and Mary’s loft, Sophie and Ryan talk about the next steps in their search investigation. Then, Ryan is called to Wayne Tower where she is introduced to Lena Luthor after having words with a family member. Ryan and Lena quickly decide to team up to stop Clayface from wreaking havoc on the city leading Ryan to call on a personal contact for assistance. The duo then team up with Luke to enact a plan. Later, Ryan battles Clayface and defends a group of students from his wrath. Afterwards, Ryan and Lena say their farewells. Finally, the lives of three villains are briefly touched upon.

A Night Out
Luke ignores Sophie’s request to monitor the Batcave and instead opts for a dinner date with Stephanie. Soon Luke receives an urgent call and rushes to the Batcave to lend his assistance to the team. Afterwards, he returns to the restaurant and finds something heartbreaking.

The Story: This series takes place after the events of the CW’s Batwoman, Season 3 and closely models the shows storytelling format. I like that the narrative takes the time to review important events that someone new to the Batwoman universe would be unaware of and smoothly interjects the plot point in a cohesive manner. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter and found the story arc promising.

This B story takes place during Season 3, Episode 5 of the CW’s Batwoman. I thought this was a fun and interesting one-shot segment that showed both the chaotic and heartbreaking nature of being a member of the Bat Team.

The Art: Although the two stories use detailed drawings and bold color-work, they differ both stylistically and tonally. The A Story is traditional in presentation and uses both character expression and form to convey emotion, while the B story contains a youthful urgency and uses both character and environment to present a visual tale.

Earth Prime: Batwoman #1



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