Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly

Art by Carmen Carnero

Colors by Nolan Woodard

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Steve’s mission to bring down the Outer Circle will require him to reach out to some friends.

Steve gets a visit from Namor who tries to snap him out of his depression over what happened with Bucky. After visiting Bucky’s apartment, he finds something left behind and is reunited with Sharon. After spending time with her, she finds a way to break him out of his issues and focus back on something important.

After putting out a series of calls, Steve and Sharon find themselves with a group of allies and Steve tells them all about the Outer Circle and their plans. After crafting their own plans to bring them down, Steve wakes up in the middle of a field in a small town not knowing how he got there or how long he’s been gone.

The Story: Lanzing and Kelly continue to craft a compelling and entertaining thriller in this series and I love that the issue takes the time to focus back on Steve and his personal journey. I loved seeing him getting advice from his friends, especially Namor and Sharon and I love that not only did he get an impressive team together, but the writers brilliantly pull the rug out from under the reader with the ending.

The Art: Carnero delivers some beautifully thrilling and detailed art throughout the issue. The character designs are fantastic and I love the composition of the Namor scene and the dramatic tension it creates.

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #7



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