Captain America #14

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Niko Walter

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Steve Rogers discovers a secret facility housing kidnapped civilians and a conspiracy that continues to grow.


A quiet bar in the middle of nowhere gets a visit from a young lady looking to get a drink and have a good time. A good time that includes single-handedly taking down the bar’s heavily armed patrons and clearing the way for Steve Rogers and White Tiger to move in and find the entrance to an underground facility holding civilians.

As the three of them move through the facility, Steve will discover that not only are two enemy organizations are working together in secret, but one of the people running the facility has a link to the organization that framed Steve and sent him to prison.

The Story: This is a simple, straight-forward adventure story. What makes it work is its immediacy. There aren’t any moments of self-reflection or strolling down memory lane to connect this mission to something in the past. Coates keeps the reader in the tension of the present as the story unfolds with great pacing and clever narration. That being said, the story can feel like its moving a little too fast when first reading it. I had to read it again to appreciate the story and its execution.

The Art: Niko Walter delivers some fine art in this issue. The art captures the tone of the story and perfectly complements the fast pace of this issue.

Captain America #14




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