Avengers #24

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Stefano Caselli and Luciano Vecchio

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Cosmic Ghost Rider cuts a path of destruction through Avengers Mountain as Robbie Reyes confronts the sins of his past.


Robbie meets with an army of former Ghost Riders who have an ominous message to give him about Johnny Blaze’s intentions and the Challenge of the Ghost Riders he finds himself in. As he ventures out to continue the race, Robbie finds that he has help in combating Blaze’s attempts at sabotage, but the king of Hell has more than one trick up his sleeve.

The Avengers find themselves in a brutal battle against Cosmic Ghost Rider and the battle highlights just how powerful Frank is as the Avengers have to get innovative in their attacks just to slow him down. It’s going to take a miracle in the form of a powerful mystic weapon to stop Frank Castle from destroying the Avengers once and for all.

The Story: This was a fun issue. Jason Aaron does a great job with the overall tone and pace of the story. The inclusion of Cosmic Ghost Rider was good and I enjoyed the twists the race took with Blaze going after Robbie emotionally. It added some needed character development and conflict to the story. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much else there. The conflict between Johnny Blaze and Robbie Reyes is compelling. I would have like to see more of it. At worst, this issue was fine and accomplished what it set to do with the characters.

The Art: The art was great. The characters looks amazing and the action was really fun.

Avengers #24




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