Captain America #0

Marvel Comics

Written by Tochi Onyebuchi, Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly

Art by Mattia De Iulis

Colors by Mattia De Iulis

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Arnim Zola prepares to change humanity but Captain America has other ideas.

Zola and his army have invaded New York and are preparing to launch a missile that will alter human DNA. As the rocket prepares to launch, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers arrive to stop him. Both men are taking on the role of Captain America and decide on a two pronged attack to bring down both the rocket and Zola.

As the two take on Zola’s defenses and evolving forms of the villain, Zola taunts them for their mission and loyalty to America. As both heroes fight to save the planet, they are unaware that this attack is just an opening salvo of a much bigger plan whose players are getting into position with both Captain Americas as their targets.

The Story: This is an entertaining and often fun issue that exemplifies who both of these characters are, how they interact with each other and the legacy of the mantle they wear. There is some great dialogue in the issue that is crafted to both Sam and Steve and the contrast works really well even though it can be a little preachy at moments. The action is really fun and the tease to a bigger arc for the characters has me intrigued.

The Art: Mattia De Iulis delivers some beautifully drawn art in the issue. The style is amazing and composed brilliantly to showcase the characters. I was truly impressed with the visual style of this issue.

Captain America #0



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