Slumber #2

Image Comics

Written by Tyler Burton Smith

Art by Vanessa Cardinali

Colors by Simon Robins

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Finch deals with the consequences of his blackout and Stetson gets one step closer to her target. 

After being taken over by a dark entity that has been killing people using proxies, Detective Finch wakes up the next morning unaware of what happened the night before until he goes to his kitchen and discovers the dark truth. At the same time, Stetson deals with a disgruntled client and uses her session to return to an old acquaintance in the dream world. One that might have some answers. 

A scared Finch returns to the office and finally gets a lead on Stetson who he tracks down to her office. After trying to use an undercover persona to get information, things quickly get dangerous when Stetson’s waking dreams force her into a tense situation. Using Finch’s connection with the elusive Valkira to enter his mind, Stetson and her group will discover that the creature they’re hunting has been waiting for them. 

The Story: Tyler Burton Smith delivers an entertaining follow up to the first issue. There are some entertaining character moments and the development of both the characters and the world they inhabit makes me intrigued about where the story is going and what happens to Stetson and Finch within it. The dark elements of the plot are well done and the cliffhanger ending makes me want to come back for more. 

The Art: Vanessa Cardinali has a unique visual style that works perfectly with the story being told. The character designs and dreamscape imagery are beautifully done and visually interesting. 

Slumber #2



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