By A Thread #3

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder and Jack Snyder

Art by Valeria Favoccia

Colors by Whitney Cogar

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Jo and his friends discover their adventure is based on a lie.

Jo continues to think back on his childhood with his friends in the first years after the shroud. Jo’s relationship with Charlie takes a turn before he is exposed to the shroud and almost loses his life.

In the present, the group finds themselves traveling and when they take time to reminisce, they are attacked by creatures made from the shroud. Creatures that the group barely escape. Unfortunately, their escape will lead to a betrayal from one of their own and a revelation that could change everything.

The Story: The story continues to create and craft an entertaining and compelling world in this issue. The story takes some great moments to evolve and elevate the characters while creating a great adventure filled with thrilling action and revelations. I continue to be impressed with the world of this story, the stakes of the adventures and the characters themselves.

The Art: Favoccia delivers beautifully detailed and wonderfully ethereal art that draws the eye with every harrowing moment.

By A Thread #3



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