Moon Man #1

Image Comics

Written by Scott Mescudi and Kyle Higgins

Art by Marco Locati

Colors by Igor Monti

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: An astronaut returns from a mission to discover that something about him has changed.

Ramon is an astronaut in isolation after his crew’s mission to the moon becomes the victim of an incident that almost costs them their lives. After returning to Earth and enduring both the media scrutiny and that of the company he works for Janus, Ramon returns home to Cleveland to stay with his younger brother. Ramon is also dealing with strange visions that are linked to the missing time on his failed space voyage.

After a tense confrontation with his brother regarding his working for Janus and what the company is doing to the country, Ramons finds himself alone in the house until news of a violent protest that his brother is involved with causes him to intervene with powers he didn’t know he has. Powers that will make him a target of his employer.

The Story: Mescudi and Higgins deliver an engaging and entertaining first issue. The story has an interesting premise with a lot of possibility. The characters and their circumstances are intriguing as well and the seeds of some great drama and conflict are planted in the first issue. It does a great job of creating its world and having an interesting take on the superhero origin story.

The Art: Locati has an interesting and visually compelling visual style that works perfectly with this story. There are some great visual moments and I love the details within certain panels and how they contrast the reality of the world.

Moon Man #1



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