Burrito Supreme #37

me! Comics

Written by Death Mark

Art by Death Mark

Colors by Death Mark

Letters by Death Mark

The Rundown: Budding superhero Burrito Supreme takes on the villainous Doctor Defrost.

Chester Chimichanga is trying to relay to his best friend Ravi about how he is going to change his life. A change that could be prompted by receiving superpowers from a glowing spork he found in a dumpster. A spork that comes with the mysterious star Ella who will guide him on his quest as the new Burrito Supreme.

Unfortunately, Chester is not only not a burrito, but he also has no idea what he’s doing. When the evil Doctor Defrost tries to take over Planet Permafrost, Chester will have to find a way to tap into the powers of Burrito Supreme before it’s too late.

The Story: Death Mark crafts a goofy, but ultimately fun world in this issue. The banter between the characters is light, fun and often funny and circumstances the characters find themselves in are equally amusing. The premise works because nothing is taken too seriously and the lighter tone of the story is an enjoyable change of pace.

The Art: The art is simple and plays into the tone of the story. It’s meant to be cartoony and on that level it works. What hampers it visually is the lack of a visual representation of the world the characters inhabit. I never got a sense of space or distance and concentrating on just the characters interacting with each other doesn’t help the reader to visually immerse themselves in the story.

Burrito Supreme #37



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