Rogue State #1

Black Mask Entertainment

Written by Matteo Pizzolo

Art by C. Granda

Colors by Brad Simpson

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Dust Girl finds herself dragged into a revolution.

A young woman nicknamed Dust Girl lives on the fringes of an American society tearing itself apart after an election. With militarized police and gangs roaming the streets, things are not safe for her in San Francisco. Something she knows personally given what happened to her boyfriend months ago when they were witness to a growing violent riot outside their home. A riot where a new type of enforcer was introduced. One who took anyone they deemed a threat and disappeared them.

At the same time, a determined cop is pushed to the forefront of a dangerous movement when she backs a potential despot who is trying to build a new order in the country through fear, brutality and terrorism. When Dust Girl finds herself being taken by paramilitary thugs, she is rescued by a mysterious figure. A figure who will give her a choice of standing and fighting or being rolled over by a corrupt system. A figure harboring a dark and dangerous secret.

The Story: An engaging and compelling political thriller that is filled with interesting characters and a premise that is all too prescient and disturbing. The story has not only great dialogue and characters, but a realism to it that drew me in. It’s a dynamic and often harsh depiction of the world we live in and where they world can go. That’s why the tension within the story works so well. Definitely a world I would like to explore.

The Art: Beautifully detailed and filled with visual thrills throughout, the art in this issue of fantastic on every page and panel.

Rogue State #1



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