Book of Evil #2

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jock

Colors by Jock

Design by Emma Price

The Rundown: Homer and the others decide to escape, but their journey becomes more dangerous than staying in the city.

Homer continues to think of his brother Poe and the clues that he left to him before disappearing. After finding something in the clues that lead to a location, he gets the rest of his friends together and proposes that they all leave and find what Poe left for them. A proposal that not all of them are on board with after learning what happens when people attempt to escape.

With the world controlled by psychopaths, Homer learns about an escape attempt that was almost successful. After convincing the others to join him, the group finally makes it out only to find a barre, war-torn world around them and a personal betrayal waiting for them on their path.

The Story: Book two brilliantly moves the story forward with more emotion, tension and danger for the characters. Snyder does a wonderful job of giving the reader more to care about with these kids while creating a world that is equal parts intriguing and terrifying. The progression of the story is compelling and everything comes together with great dialogue and world building to a cliffhanger that has me excited to read on.

The Art: Jock does a brilliant job with the art in the issue. The visual moments brilliantly match and enhance the emotional beats of the story.

Book of Evil #2



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