Book of Evil #1

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Jock

Colors by Jock

Letters by Emma Price

The Rundown: A young man chronicles the strange new world he lives in and his mission to escape it. 

Homer is a young man living in an area called the Yolk with his older brother Poe and his friends. He lives in this world because everything outside of it is controlled by a new breed of humans who are born without the ability to empathize and exhibit psychotic behavior. Homer and the others work in the city and he is actively looking for his brother who has gone missing. 

The only entertainment Homer and his friends have is a series of comic strips from the “Book of Evil” that might be hiding messages to others like them. Messages telling them how they can escape. When Homer discovers what happened to his brother, he discovers a hidden, locked box that might be connected to the Book of Evil. 

The Story: Snyder offers an engaging, interesting and brilliantly paced story in this issue that is both thought provoking and often whimsical in its tone. One of the things it does exceedingly well is putting the reader into the position of experiencing the same fear and anxiety that Homer is going through as he traverses a world filled with danger and uncertainty. I love the quiet build up of the story and the world being created within this series. 

The Art: Jock’s art perfectly complements the literary tone of the series. It’s minimal and beautifully done in a way that feels like the character is telling the reader the story visually as well as with words. 

Book of Evil #1



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