STL125671Bone Parish #12

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jonas Scharf

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

The Rundown: Everyone’s chickens come home to roost as Leticia makes her final move.

Leticia has taken her fight to the Winters home and she has more than one motive for her escalation in their war. With Brae severely injured he needs to make his way home in order to protect his family. Unfortunately, he returns to a home engulfed in flames.


With her forces devastating the home and everyone in it, Leticia targets the entire family including Brigitte. When the family matriarch finally returns, she runs into the devastation and finds herself face to face with Leticia. When Brae confronts the woman he’s been seeing, she explains what and why she’s doing what she’s doing and the motive will push Brae over the edge.

At the same time, Brigitte must find a way to escape the violence and destruction around her and she is carrying what she hopes will help her cheat death.

The Story: Cullen Bunn brings this story home in some frustrating, but ultimately satisfying ways. Everything that has been building throughout this series comes to a head from the last issue to this one and the cracks in the Winters family have let in internal and external evils that are tearing them apart. This issue is an action-packed, violent ride that is full of intensity and drama. There are some exciting moments throughout and the end of this issue opens up the possibility for more interesting stories to come.

The Art: Jonas Scharf goes all out with the visuals in this issue. From the characters to the highly detailed backgrounds, everything in this issue is beautiful and haunting to experience.

Bone Parish #12




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