Bone_Parish_001_A_MainBone Parish #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Cullen Bunn

Art by Jonas Scharf

Colors by Alex Guimaraes

Letters by Ed Dukeshire

There is a new designer drug on the streets of New Orleans and everyone wants it. It’s attracting everyone and its popularity is bringing in new and returning customers chasing a high they’ve never experienced before. This new drug is called Ash and it is made with the ashes of the dead. More specifically, the ashes of the dead and famous. It’s a combination that has brought profit to Grace Winters and her family. It’s also bringing other things into the family as well.


Grace is meeting with a potential New York investor in a meeting set up by her son Brae, who has been left out. The potential family strife is brewing under the surface as Grace’s children jockey for power and the woman herself deals with her own issues. When the gentleman from New York makes an offer to Grace, he asks for more than she thought and his reasons for wanting what he wants start to become clear when the negative effects of Ash begin to occur with an unfortunate user.

Cullen Bunn has written a haunting first issue of this series. It was really immersive and grabbed my attention as a reader with the characters. All of the characters introduced have something interesting about from Brae and his desire to be in charge to Brigette and her practical approach to what they are doing. All of the characters have presence in this first issue and the narrative itself flows well from moment to moment up until the final few panels that we a welcome surprise in the character development of Grace herself.

The art in this issue is beautiful. It is rich in both detail and tone. There are some amazing uses of shadow and color in these panels, especially the color effect of Ash. I loved the detail in the art and there are some hauntingly good moments that stayed with me because of how they are framed, especially moments like Grace standing in the window of her home looking out into the night. I loved every panel on that page. This is definitely an interesting new story that I want to see develop.

Bone Parish #1




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