SavageDragon_236-1Savage Dragon #236

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Letters by Ferran Delgado

Colors by Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris

With Dragon reunited with Angel, everyone is basking in the glow of friends and family and reality show cameras. At the same time, Kevin is watching the kids and it does not go well when he decides to leave to get them a snack and baby Madeline escapes by pushing a hole in the wall, taking her siblings with her.


When Dragon and company arrive and notice that the kids are missing, everyone breaks up into teams to get them back. It’s a hunt across dimensions as Dragon and Angel find themselves fighting a rogue demonoid, the kids end up in a fantasy dimension fighting demons and rescuing a princess and Maxine fighting the urges she experiences as a byproduct of her time in Heaven.

There was something subversive and fun about this issue. I love that both the A and B storylines were equally as interesting for their own reasons, but the kids traveling to another dimension was definitely a highlight. Larsen crafted a really fun issue that was light without being forgettable. The story does a really good job of focusing on the characters and giving them their own moments without it feeling heavy handed. It even left some great moments that I want to see explored in the future, especially the ramifications of the death of Angel’s mother at the hands of Dragon’s.

The art is another highlight of this issue. So much of the fun details in the panels comes from the use of close up and there are some great facial expressions from most of the characters. The panels flowed in a way that helped balance both storylines and make everything work coherently. This was a fun issue that seems to be building to something interesting in the future.

Savage Dragon #236




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