Blue and Gold #8

DC Comics

Written by Dan Jurgens

Art by Ryan Sook

Inks by Wade Von Grawbadger

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Booster Gold and Blue Beetle discover the identity of a deadly enemy. Later, the team find a wealthy sponsor.

The Blue and Gold company discuss how they are still having trouble finding funding despite their successfully completed missions. Then, Buggles make an unexpected move that deeply impacts Booster and Blue Beetle. Soon, the duo finds themselves in a confrontation with an old enemy. After an interesting conversation, Booster transports the group two an unknown location in time. Once there, Booster and Blue Beetle learn some surprising facts about their adversary. Afterwards, the superheroes take the time to enjoy their surroundings. Finally, back in the present, the cash strapped team meet with a member of the Justice League and is offered a solution to their financial woes.

The Story: The final chapter of this limited series not only reveals the identity of a mysterious foe, it neatly wraps up the existing storyline. I appreciated the new means of funding for the Blue and Gold team as it felt very fitting for the circumstances. This series is not just a superhero team origin story, it is the history of a start-up company and the many hardships a new company must face when branching out into a new environment. Thus, the resulting final offer feels very much like an angel investor buy in. Also, it provides Booster the much-needed confidence in his chosen mission. I really had fun with this series and I’m sad to see it end. However, this duo has many more story to tell, and I hopeful they will be in someone included in the future of the current DC universe.

The Art: The illustrations in this issue use a realistic comic book styling and is highlighted by bold coloring and detailed drawings. The action scenes are exciting and the emphasis on both characters and setting make for a transportive experience.

Blue and Gold #8



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