Doctor Strange Nexus of Nightmares #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ralph Macchio

Art by Ibrahim Moustafa

Colors by Neeraj Menon

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Consumed by doubt, Stephen Strange must stop Mordo from unleashing Nighmare on the Earth.

Baron Mordo travels to the dream dimension to enlist the help of the villainous Nightmare. To help Nightmare enter our world, he has entered the dreams of the Sorcerer Supreme and filled him with doubt about his purpose in order to weaken the defenses of the Sanctum Sanctorum and retrieve the Darkhold.

Plagued with doubt, Stephen Strange dreams of the events that led him to seek the help of the Ancient One. Events that take a dark turn giving Mordo the power he needs to steal what he wants. Strange will have to overcome his doubt to regain his power if he has any chance of stopping Nightmare from walking the Earth.

The Story: Macchio crafts a wonderful, classic story that showcases the history and power of Doctor Strange. I love the heightened language of the story and the classic feel of the dialogue. It’s a great throwback to the narrative style of comics and is both compelling and engaging to the reader. A great self-contained story that is an incredibly fun read.

The Art: Moustafa delivers some fun, impressive visuals throughout the issue. The art style is perfect for a classic style of comic storytelling and delivers on the tone and action beautifully.

Doctor Strange Nexus of Nightmares #1



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