Black Widow #3

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Elena Casagrande

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Widow’s domestic bliss will come to a violent and bloody end.

Nat is planning the next phase of her new life with an upcoming wedding to cement her domestic life. Unfortunately, her old life is sitting in the woods trying to decide how or if they should intervene. Still unclear about what is going on, Bucky and Clint will get another piece of the puzzle from Yelena who has been undercover in Nat’s life watching events unfold.

While her allies discuss what to do next and Nat goes for a dress fitting, the people behind her new life meet to discuss the next phase. Filled with familiar faces, the subject of what to do with the Black Widow comes up and there is dissention in the ranks as the decision to either kill her or leave her in her delusion is upended by one of them making a decision that will destroy everything they’ve been planning.

The Story: Kelly Thompson adds new players to the mix and gives the story more interesting context in this issue. After finding out the faces behind what is happening to Widow, the story takes some interesting thematic turns that make it more engaging. I like seeing the conflict from all sides of the issue and Thompson does a great job of giving the reader insight into the impact of Black Widow on both friend and foe alike.

The Art: Elena Casagrande’s art is beautiful both in its style and its composition. Each page is vibrant and full of energy. Even the quiet moments have a visual grace to them. The kitchen scene is visually awesome. A great looking issue.

Black Widow #3



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