Black Panther #6

Marvel Comics

Written by John Ridley

Art by Stefano Landini

Colors by Matt Milla

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Akili takes another step in his plan to take Wakanda as T’Challa deals with the fallout of his lies.

T’Challa is on the run from the special forces of Wakanda. Forces that have been given the order to kill on sight. Shuri and Omolola have fled the country and found one of Shuri’s secret safe houses in an attempt to contact allies to help. At the same time, Akili and the Prime Minister discuss the ramifications of the actions they’re taking.

When T’Challa is cornered and out of options, an unlikely ally appears to help him, but she wants answers from him as well. As T’Challa continues to deal with his own issues of trust, Shuri arrives with backup that will require T’Challa to reconcile more of his issues.

The Story: Ridley crafts an action packed and thrilling story in this issue. Having T’Challa on the run and vulnerable showcases just how skilled and crafty a character he is. The story also beautifully showcases the character’s flaws as he is confronted by the people in his life who trusted him but never seemed to garner that same level of trust in return. I cannot wait to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Landini delivers some beautifully detailed and thrilling art in the issue. The fight scenes draw out the perfect level of tension while looking amazing.

Black Panther #6



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