Black Panther #167

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Leonard Kirk

Inks by Marc Deering

Colors by Laura Martin with Matt Milla

In a secluded Correctional Facility for super villains, a delegation from Wakanda goes to visit a prisoner. The prisoner is Dr. Eliot Franklin aka Thunderball and they have a proposition for him. A proposition that might grant Franklin the redemption he says that he wants. As they transport him to Wakanda, they explain to him that should he go back to his old ways, he will find that they are more severe in their punishment than the government.



T’Challa shows the Doctor surveillance footage of a series of failed attempts to create vibranium in a lab, with the last footage showing Klaw. T’Challa enlists Franklin to examine the signatures left by Klaw’s Reverbium and find a link between Klaw, the Fenris Twins and Wakanda’s neighboring country Azania. Thunderball brings up the fact that T’Challa is one of the most brilliant scientists on the planet and doesn’t need his help. Unfortunately, Black Panther has other concerns on his mind as he and Shuri teleport to an unknown location.

As the pair discuss recent events and T’Challa’s decision to bring in a supervillain to research the whereabouts of another, Black Panther has questions about the Djalia and what they can tell him about the mysterious Originators and their link to the foundation of Wakanda. The spirits descend and proceed to send T’Challa on a journey into the past where he sees the events that led to the creation of Wakanda and how a war with the Originators might not be something that he can avoid.

I continue to be enamored with this book and the current storyline regarding the Originators. I think it speaks to the arc of history for every country and really gives T’Challa a punch to the core of his beliefs. The Klaw story is solid. I would like to see more of the personal aspects of the character, especially after the reveals in the last issue. Kirk’s art is really dynamic and I loved the angles he used in many of the panels. Angles that gave a sense of motion and movement to some of the scenes that I appreciated. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

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