The Invincible Iron Man #594

Marvel Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Stefano Caselli & Alex Maleev

Colors by Israel Silva & Alex Maleev

The Search for Tony Stark Part 2

Riri Williams is making a desperate call to someone for information about the location of Tony Stark’s body. No one seems to know whether his body was taken or if he got up and walked away, especially his distraught mother and Mary Jane Watson. Riri makes a call to someone who might either have the information she needs or is the one responsible for the missing Stark; Dr. Doom. As the three of them try to decide where to look for answers next, they are attacked.


Apparently, the board of Stark Industries wants Mary Jane, Amanda and Riri out of the way and send Hijack to reclaim Riri’s armor and kick them off the premises. A prospect that becomes more difficult when Riri decides to fight back. Meanwhile, Chemistro is breaking into the Davenport Apartments in Detroit to find some missing tech when he is confronted by Doctor Doom who has some questions about who masterminded the prison escape that led him there.

Doom gets more than he bargained for when the collected group of supervillains decide to band together to take him down. Riri continues to fight an increasing army of planes being controlled by Hijack and it’s up to Mary Jane to stop the mutant. As Doom fights for his life against an army of villains, Mary Jane and Amanda go to face the Star Industries Board and I don’t know who should be more scared.

Bendis did a great job of making the usually side characters in these stories capable and competent. It was refreshing to see the people in Tony’s life stand up to defend him. The art was great. I loved the facial details as well as the splash pages. A great overall effort on the art that pays off.


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