Black Hammer Visions #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Scott Kolins

Colors by Bill Crabtree

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: A killer and his potential victim have a run in with Madame Dragonfly.

A dark and stormy night sees a man being pulled over by the police. After speaking with the officer and answering his questions, he is warned not to deviate from the road he’s on and not to make any stops. What the officer doesn’t see as the man rides off is the bound young man in the back of the van.

As the drive continues, the man decides to stop at a local and oddly empty gas station. Seeing his opportunity to escape, the young man runs from the back of the van and is pursued by his would be killer into the home of Madame Dragonfly. As the young man attempts to escape, he finds himself in a twisting nightmare of doors leading to more and more disturbing and horrifying places with a serial killer hot on his tail.

The Story: Johns crafts and entertaining story in this issue. There are some great horror elements throughout and the tension of the plot is well executed. Unfortunately, the story is so short that when it reaches the peak of its tension, it has nowhere to go next. As satisfying as the ending of the story is, it’s shortened length makes you long for more character development.

The Art: Scott Kolins delivers some great, atmospheric visuals in this issue. The imagery is beautifully done and emphasizes the tone and the terror of the story.

Black Hammer Visions #2



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