Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Joe Kelly, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Fabian Nicieza, Gail Simone, Daniel Way, Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Rob Liefeld and Chad Bowers

Art by Gerardo Sandoval, Aaron Conley, Kevin Libranda, Bob Quinn, Patch Zircher, Michael Shelfer, Paco Medina, Scott Koblish and Rob Liefeld

Colors by Chris Sotomayor, Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Rachelle Rosenberg, Java Tartaglia, Jim Charalampidis, Jesus Aburtov, Nick Filardi, Bryan Valenza, Jay David Ramos and Federico Blee

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Deadpool’s birthday takes him on a series of strange trips.

The Immaculate Misconception

An army of Deadpools from across the multiverse battle against a presence that just might be more twisted than Wade ever thought he could be. When one of them turns out to be just different enough to be interesting, she decides to end the attack and take this version of Deadpool on an interesting journey.

A strong opening that has the right mix of humor and violence.

Baby’s First Cable

Baby Wade Wilson is celebrating his birthday when it is interrupted by Cable emerging out of time to kill him. Things only get weirder when another Cable emerges on a mission to save baby Wade. As the Cable’s argue, more arrive with different missions all relating to the future merc with a mouth.

A fun short story that showcases the ridiculous nature of Deadpool’s life as well as his relationship to Cable.

Best There Is

16 year old Wade Wilson crashes the prom to force everyone to celebrate his birthday, but a bigger interruption takes precedent when Wolverine bursts in fighting a group of HYDRA soldiers for an artifact they want back. Unfortunately, Wade gets a hold of it and he becomes connected to Logan causing the pair to have to fight together to survive.

A really fun short story with some great one liners.

Lo, There Shall Come A Hero! Maybe…

It’s Wade’s thirtieth birthday and he’s celebrating it in a cell after volunteering for an experiment that stops his cancer, but does much more to him. As he thinks about his life, he wonders what he will become at the other side of his current nightmare.

A more subdued story that takes the reader inside the dark parts of Deadpool’s psyche.

Short Story, Tall Tale

Stilt-Man is hired for some industrial espionage, but Deadpool and Agent X have been contracted to stop him. As the three of them take their fight to new levels of snark, a couple of wild cards are waiting in the wings to take the bounty for themselves.

A fun story with great dialogue and character moments.

No Chill Whatsoever

After capturing a drug cartel scientist, Deadpool decides to spend his birthday with the mark in hiding at an unexpected stash house.

Great dialogue throughout the story and a fun, unexpected ending.

Party for One

It’s Deadpool’s birthday in the near future and this time he spends it sinking to the bottom of the ocean chained inside a coffin. As he contemplates who took him out, his grip on reality continues to erode until he’s rescued by an unexpected source.

Fun, funny and inventive.

The Tao of Pool

Deadpool goes over his life under the mask in a retrospective about his origins and his evolving looks.

A well done tongue in cheek retrospective on the character with Rob Liefeld laughing at himself at several points in the story.

Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1



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