Sea of Stars #5

Image Comics

Written by Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum

Art by Stephen Green

Colors by Rico Renzi

Letters by Jared K Fletcher

The Rundown: Gil finds himself closer to his son than he ever would have dreamed, but their possible reunion could be their last.


Kadyn has been taken to the Zzazteks moon by Dalla so that she can end her exile. When he is presented to the Shaman in an attempt to remove the power from him, Dalla is wary of the sacrifice that they will make of the young boy. To make matters worse, Kadyn’s friends are captured and removed to become sacrifices of their own.

At the same time, Gil is brought to the moon as well as a prisoner. When Dalla rebels against her people to stop the sacrifice, she sees that something is wrong. When Gil sees a sign that Kadyn is close, he frees the boy’s friends and races to rescue his son, but it might be too late.

The Story: Aaron and Hallum bring all the action and tension to a head in this issue. With all of the characters close, the plot is brimming with tension. Dalla’s revelation happens at the perfect time thematically and story moves forward at a great pace. I continue to be impressed with the scale and scope of this story and the wonderfully dense and complicated world that Aaron and Hallum are creating.

The Art: I love Stephen Greene’s art in this issue. Besides all of the beautifully detailed landscapes, Greene does a brilliant job with the character designs. The way that Kadyn is drawn in an almost animation style that makes him standout from the gritty surroundings is awesome.

Sea of Stars #5




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