Black Cat #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Jed MacKay

Art by C.F. Villa

Colors by Brian Reber

Letters by Ferran Delgado

The Rundown: After spending the last few months stealing from some of the most powerful people on Earth, Felicia is ready to rob a god.

With the heroes of Earth fighting off the invasion of Knull and his army, Felicia Hardy decides that the best thing she can do is what she does best, steal. But instead of stealing something valuable from a mark, she’s going to steal someone from Knull. That someone is Doctor Strange. After locating where the Sorcerer Supreme is being held, she gets her crew together for the most daring heist of their careers.

In order for them to get close and locate Strange, they are going to enlist the help of a mutual friend. With the mission to rescue Strange taking some unexpected twists, Black Cat and her crew are going to find themselves on the run from the forces of Knull and when cornered, Felicia is going to try something unpredictable to give them a chance.

The Story: A really fun issue from Jed MacKay. The story keeps the characters consistent and the dialogue is very funny. Black Cat is given a lot to do and the story never lets up with the action or adventure. There is a great pace to the plot and the immediacy of it makes the story more entertaining. I also really enjoyed the ending and what it could mean for the character going forward.

The Art: Villa delivers some beautifully detailed imagery throughout the issue. The characters look great and the action has a brilliant, cinematic quality to it.

Black Cat #2



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