Billionaire Island #1

Ahoy Comics

Written by Mark Russell

Art by Steve Pugh

Colors by Chris Chuckry

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: In a world where the super rich live on their own island, the island’s creator will have to deal with those wanting him to pay for his sins.


Freedom Unlimited is a moving island paradise in the middle of international waters. It caters to a very specific clientele, the super rich. You have to be a billionaire to live there and there is everything that the rich elite could ever need to survive climate change and the social issues that it is causing on the mainland.

The island is the dream of super rich Bel Canto founder Rick Canto and he has diversified his social media empire into everything including a food company. Unfortunately, that company has had its hands in some unsavory business overseas and a man who witnessed the aftermath of Canto’s plans for the population decides that he is going to make the CEO pay for his sins with blood.

The Story: There is a lot of story in this first issue and all of it is compelling, complex and entertaining. Mark Russell crafts a story that touches on the social and political ills of today and creates a world where the worst aspects of human greed are put on display. Canto isn’t a cookie cutter villain, but he is malevolent enough to be interesting every time he is in the scene. There are some interesting elements to this story and Russell is crafting a plot and creating a set of characters that I want to see evolve and more importantly, clash.

The Art: Steve Pugh delivers some great art throughout this story and the characters look great. The style of the art brilliantly contrasts the bright, sunny world of Freedom Unlimited with the dark, gritty real world.



Billionaire Island #1




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