AUG171308Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #2

BOOM! Studios

Written by John Carpenter and Anthony Burch

Art by Jorge Corona

David Lo Pan is back and he has taken Jack to a mystery location. As the ghost begins to speak to his old enemy, Jack punches him square in the face. As Lo Pan painfully takes the punch, he tells Jack that he’s mortal and he needs his help. Not listening, Jack continues to fight Lo Pan. When Jack stops for a moment, Lo Pan tells him why they’re there.

Lo Pan had spent years trying to pave the way for the emergence of Ching Dai, Demon God of the East. When his master finally ascends, Lo Pan expects to be rewarded for his loyalty. Instead, the demon brings up Lo Pan’s consistent failures and his creepy obsession with green-eyed women. Ching Dai grants Lo Pan what he’s always wanted; mortality. Lo Pan tells Jack that need to leave and Burton tells him what he can do with himself.


After Jack and Lo Pan escape, Jack separates from his former enemy and takes off on his own in the Pork Chop Express until he runs into a woman and her group who are preparing to fight the demon with the help of another. Jack immediately falls in with the group until a letter from the demon itself puts Jack in their crosshairs. It’s up to Lo Pan to save old Jack Burton from a fate worse than death in order for the two of them to face the demon taking over the world.

There’s always been something fun about the adventures of Jack Burton and this is no different. The humor works and Jack’s personality shines as you root for him to succeed knowing how hapless and dimwitted he tends to be, especially now that he’s older. It’s going to be interesting to see if Jack and Lo Pan can reach their destination without killing each other first.


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