Batman Urban Legends #4

DC Comics

Written by Chip Zdarsky, Camrus Johnson, Meghan Fitzmartin and Matthew Rosenberg

Art by Eddy Barrows, Eber Ferreira, Marcus To, Loyiso Mzike, Belen Ortega and Ryan Benjamin

Inks by Trevor Scott

Colors by Adriano Lucas, Andrew Dolhouse, Alejandro Sanchez and Antonio Fabela

Letters by Becca Carey, Troy Peteri, Pat Brosseau and Saida Temofonte

The Rundown: Four new stories highlight the darkness of Gotham City.


Batman and Red Hood each reconcile the ghosts of their shared past as they deal with Mr. Freeze and the rise of Cheer on the streets. Jason takes on Freeze, but is completely unprepared for the confrontation and pays the price. His inability to follow orders takes him back to the defining moment in his relationship with Bruce. A moment that will force him to call out for help. After Oracle alerts Bruce to what is happening, Batman recalls that same defining moment and how he will never make the same mistake again.

A great short story that brilliantly defines the relationship between these two characters and their connection. Beautifully detailed art throughout the story and intense action.

Superman Punch

Luke Fox takes to the skies again as Batwing to hunt down Riddler who has a new game for the city. As Luke deals with a deadly puzzle, his history with his brother crosses his mind both in a sense of remembering their differences, but also to help him with clue that he needs. After solving the puzzle, Riddler has another surprise for Batwing. One that will require another lesson from his past to solve.

A satisfying short story that teased a lot of interpersonal conflict that I wish was given more time to develop.

Sum Of Our Parts

Teenagers are being kidnapped all over the city and Tim Drake is on the hunt with Oracle as backup. As Tim works the case, Barbara needs some help with the system he developed. At the same time, she tries to connect with him, but Tim decides to take a new approach to his problem by seeing an old friend. Unfortunately, their reunion is interrupted by the person Tim is looking for and a bigger mystery awaits him.

A great short story that leads Tim to an interesting mystery. The story also features some dynamic visuals.

The Long Con

Grifter has found his way in with Leviathan and the people he works for eagerly await him to make the next move. After enlisting some help, Cole has a plan to trap Batman and begin the next phase of his plan. Unfortunately, Grifter catches the wrong hero and finds himself on the run from Superman as Bruce fights to protect Lucius from an assassination attempt. An attempt thwarted at the last minute by a new player in the situation.

An incredibly fun story that is filled with great action and twists. I love the reveals throughout and cannot wait to see where it goes next.

Batman Urban Legends #4



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