DC Pride #1

DC Comics

Written by James Tynion IV, Steve Orlando, Vita Ayala, Mariko Tamaki, Sam Johns, Danny Lore, Sina Grace, Nicole Maines and Andrew Wheeler

Art by Trung Le Nguyen, Stephen Byrne, Skylar Partridge, Amy Reeder, Klaus Janson, Lisa Sterle, Ro Stein, Ted Brandt, Rachael Stott and Luciano Vecchio

Colors by Jose Villarrubia, Marissa Louise, Dave McCaig, Enrica Eren Angiolini and Rex Lokus

Letters by Aditya Bidikar, Josh Reed, Ariana Maher, Tom Napolitano, Becca Carey and Steve Wands

The Rundown: A series of stories highlights the LGBTQIA+ characters of the DC Universe.

The Wrong Side of the Looking Glass

Batwoman confronts the dark parts of her childhood and how she never felt like she belonged. A sentiment that comes to life in the form of a game she played with her sister. A game that ultimately helps her determine that these feelings are part of a bigger plan and its mastermind will get a harsh lesson.

A good story that felt very personal. The art was enjoyable.

By The Victors

Gregorio De La Vega sits at a bar getting a drink when Constantine walks in. As the two converse, Gregorio recounts a tale that saw he and Midnighter team up to stop a fascist vampire from rewriting the history of the world to remove queer heroes from it.

A great story with heart and humor that is fun to read. Features some great art throughout.

Try The Girl

A woman has gone missing in Gotham City. A woman with a connection to Renee Montoya and political aspirations that get the attention of The Question. After tracking her to her last known location, Renee will find the woman is more than capable of taking care of herself. As the councilwoman continues her life, she runs into Renee again and a spark starts to develop between them.

A great story that teases some great interpersonal drama for Renee to come.

Another Word for A Truck to Move Your Furniture

Harley and Ivy have their hands full dealing with a giant rampaging plant monster terrorizing the city. To make things more interesting, Ivy decides that this moment is the perfect one to talk about their relationship.

A really short story that is fun with some great, vibrant and fun art throughout.

He’s The Light of my Life

Todd and his boyfriend Damon are sitting at brunch waiting for Todd’s father Alan Scott to arrive. As Alan makes his way to the restaurant, he recalls his own past and the difficulties he faced in being his whole self. With things still a little tense between the two of them, Todd decides to give his father an environment that will allow him to tell his story without fear or judgement. An environment that allows Alan to share something deeply personal with his estranged son.

A touching and thought provoking short story with a great message.

Clothes Makeup Gift

Jess and Andy have a big date and Andy teases Jess for the history of Flash’s being late to events. With that in mind, Jess decides to be early for their date, but get sidetracked by a heist and the introduction of a new Mirror Master calling herself Reflek.

A fun story that definitely falls into the same thematic waters as other Flash stories.

Be Gay, Do Crime

A new player is on the scene in Central City and he has the rich in his sights. Unfortunately, he’s going to have a run in with the Pied Piper and school the once rogue on what has been happening in the community as he’s been on his path of redemption. After learning the truth, Pied Piper decides that a team up in necessary to teach someone a lesson.

The story was fun, but a little too short to give it any emotional weight.

Date Night

Dreamer and Supergirl are patrolling the city, but Nia has a mission of her own to complete that Kara doesn’t need to know about. A mission that will bring her face to face with the League of Shadows. Nia will have to find a way to stop the League’s plan, secure a prisoner and be on time for her date with Brainiac.

A good short for fans of the show and there are some great humorous moments throughout.

Love Life

Jackson is attending his first Pride parade and is unsure of what to do. When rain falls on the festivities, he and his date notice that the rain is effecting people’s emotions and the cause of the rain is revealed as Eclipso. As everyone else flees the scene, Jackson refuses to run and faces Eclipso head on. Fortunately, he will discover that he is not alone after all.

A great closing story with an awesome message.

DC Pride #1



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