Batman Three Jokers #3

DC Comics

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Jason Fabok

Colors by Brad Anderson

Letters by Rob Leigh

The Rundown: Batman and his allies go after the final two Jokers as the criminals kidnap someone with a connection to the Dark Knight’s worst memory.

With one Joker dead, Batman, Red Hood and Batgirl work the clues to discover the location of the other two. With time running short and more victims piling up, Jason confronts Bruce about how he’s planning on killing the final two. This leads to another confrontation with Barbara stuck in the middle before they have to leave for Black Gate.

After discovering that Joe Chill has been kidnapped by the Jokers, Batman will discover something in the man’s cell that will change everything he believed about the man who murdered his parents. A discovery that will lead the trio to where it all started and a confrontation that not everyone will walk away from.

The Story: The concept of this story has always been one of the most impressive things about it and I couldn’t wait to see how Geoff Johns tackled the personalities of these different Jokers as well as how and why they came together in the first place. Kidnapping Joe Chill was an interesting plot development that, like everything else in this issue, doesn’t stick the landing. With all the build up and reveals. For all the bravado and psychological needling. The story just doesn’t go anywhere new, interesting or compelling.

My expectations were raised in the first two issues and this ending was just disappointing and dull.

The Art: Jason Fabok’s art is fantastic. The characters and action look great. I just wish the story was worthy of the beautiful imagery.

Batman Three Jokers #3



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  • Ralsto

    October 27, 2020 - 12:10 pm

    What an absolute waste of time this series has been. Everything is immediately back to the status quo as if none of this had ever happened and that final “twist” completely contradicts the reason this whole ill-conceived concept started. Everyone’s going to keep gushing about this as one of “the best Batman stories ever” though, probably for decades to come, because LOOKIT DEM PURTY PICTURES!

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