Batman the Adventures Continue Season Two #6

DC Comics

Written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini

Art by Rick Burchett

Colors by Monica Kubina

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: The former mayor continues to make his political comeback and Batman suspects there is more to his popularity than meets the eye.

It is business as usual on the streets of Gotham as Batman and Robin take out a band of smugglers just in time for the police to arrive. Unfortunately, Batman is getting darker in his mood as the former mayor continues to make headlines and shore up support from the media for his upcoming campaign. Meanwhile, the current mayor is looking for a powerful endorsement and enlists his old friend Dick Grayson to get it. When Batman sees that Mayfield is gaining in the polls, he decides to pay the man a visit.

The two have a conversation and Batman begins to notice that something is different about the man. Something that might be the key to his renewed favor with the population. After Barbara decides to infiltrate the campaign to get answers, Batman is attacked by a powerful foe. One that becomes familiar quickly. After being attacked on his way from Arkham, Batman starts putting the pieces together, but it might be too late for Barbara when she discovers another familiar face behind Mayfield’s sudden rise in popularity.

The Story: All of the intrigue and twists in the story are awesome examples of how great Burnett and Dini are with these characters and this world. The story is brilliantly woven and both fun and engaging. The twists are well done and caught me by surprise and I continue to enjoy the detective aspects of Batman throughout as he and his allies use their skills to uncover the mystery. I cannot wait to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Burchett has a great visual eye for the story and characters. The art has some beautiful moments throughout and I continue to marvel at the world of this story.

Batman the Adventures Continue Season Two #6



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