The Human Target #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Greg Smallwood

Colors by Greg Smallwood

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Christopher Chance is running out of time and his latest investigation will pit him against some powerful forces.

Christopher Chance is recalling the moments that lead to what might be his final mission as The Human Target. After recounting a series of moments that led him to lying on a hotel bed alone, his mind moves back to a mission where he took on the persona of Lex Luthor and foiled a potential assassination attempt on the billionaire. In the aftermath, Chance meets with Lex to discuss what happened and Chance has some concerns that he dare not voice to Luthor directly.

As they discuss events, Chance begins to cough. A violent fit that forces him to end their conversation early and for him to leave. After crashing his car, he is brought to the Justice League where he reveals that he knows what’s inside him and ultimately what it’s going to do to him and how long he has. He and Doctor Mid-Nite determine when Chance took the poison that’s killing him and his investigation into who killed him begins. An investigation that will pit him against his former allies.

The Story: King crafts a brilliant noir mystery in this first issue. The story is great and the premise is brilliant. There are definite nods to Hitchcock within the story and Chance is very engaging as a character.

The Art: Smallwood brilliantly captures the noir quality of the story with art that is beautiful in its style and design. I love the classic feel to the panels and every page has some beautiful details to admire.

The Human Target #1



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