Dark Knights of Steel #1

DC Comics

Written by Tom Taylor

Art by Yasmine Putri

Letters by Wes Abbot

The Rundown: The House of El arrives on a Medieval planet. Several years later, Bruce learns something surprising.

The story begins with the destruction of Krypton. Next Jor-El and Lara arrive on a planet and find themselves in imminent danger. Jor-El then defends his family. Elsewhere, in the Kingdom of Storms, the king listens as a scribe writes down a young man’s prophesy.
Nineteen years later, Bruce and his Robins track down Dinah. Soon, an altercation occurs and Kal-El lends his assistance. Afterwards, Bruce has a revealing conversation with his king. Finally, a tragedy occurs.

The Story: Tom Taylor gifts his readers with a fascinating rendition of the DC Universe. Set in what appears as Medieval earth, well known heroes and villains are given new life and purpose. The first chapter in this series delivers a fresh and compelling narrative that feels both stunning and apropos. I was immediately hooked from the introductory pages. And long before the episode’s end, I realized my complete investment in this narrative. I am a fan of both the superhero and fantasy genres, and I couldn’t be more excited with this epic merger of the two. I eagerly await the next chapter of this saga.

The Art: Yasmine Putri does an excellent job visualizing the world of the tale. Her attention to character expression and form is emotionally connective. As is her color work. The tone of each scene is perfectly captured, and I felt completely transported throughout the issue.

Dark Knights of Steel #1



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