Batman The Adventures Continue Season Three #1

DC Comics

Written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini

Art by Jordan Gibson

Colors by Monica Kubina

Letters by Josh Reed

The Rundown: Batman protects a mob hitman from some powerful enemies.

Mob assassin Oscar “Muscle” Delgado is currently serving time in Blackgate and finds himself facing his third assassination attempt in the form of Killer Croc. Batman arrives to stop the hit and the killer is offered a chance to testify against his former boss Esther Valestra as well as Rupert Thorne. After speaking with the prison chaplain, he agrees, but Batman is suspicious.

As Muscle is being transported to a safe house, the convoy is attacked and Muscle manages to escape with some inside help. Help that leads him right into the hands of Lock-Up. Muscle will have to decide if he wants to team up with Batman in order to save his life as things get a lot more dangerous for the criminal.

The Story: A fun, entertaining and fast paced adventure from Burnett and Dini. It’s a great standalone story that beautifully connects to the previous season while crafting a story that anyone could pick up and be immersed in. I love the way the plot utilizes all its characters brilliantly while creating an adventure that would be perfectly executed on the screen as well as the page. I love this series and cannot wait for more.

The Art: Gibson beautifully captures the look and feel of the animated series while also having its own unique visual style that enhances the story.

Batman The Adventures Continue Season Three #1



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