Black Panther #17

Marvel Comics

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Daniel Acuna

Letters by Joe Sabino

The Rundown: Storm and Nakia have a chat about T’Challa while N’Jadaka and his forces attempt to resurrect Black Panther’s deadliest foe.

With T’Challa back in Wakanda, the forces fighting against the intergalactic empire have found help from both Wakanda Prime and the intervention of Storm. As forces move around them, N’Jadaka and his symbiote travel to a hidden location in an attempt to resurrect someone who can challenge T’Challa for the throne.


At the same time, Storm and Nakia have a heart to heart about their mutual feelings for T’Challa while the king follows his suspicions of their being a spy among them by visiting Bast.

The Story: It hasn’t been an easy transition bringing all of these elements together from the previous storyline, but Coates has done a great job of making this story and this issue interesting and engaging to the reader. I loved seeing all of the characters interact with each other and T’Challa’s interaction with Bast is brilliantly written. I love the twists in the story and the complicated nature of Black Panther’s personal life makes for some great character moments between Storm and Nakia.

The Art: Daniel Acuna’s art is beautiful. The style is amazing and both the layout of panels and action beats are breathtaking.

Black Panther #17




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