Batman and The Joker The Deadly Duo #3

DC Comics

Written by Marc Silvestri

Art by Marc Silvestri

Colors by Arif Prianto

The Rundown: Batman deals with a dangerous foe while investigating a deadly threat.

The alarms in the Batcave go crazy as the sample taken out of Batman escapes and infects a nearby bat. Nightwing and Alfred manage to capture it as Batman deals with the deadly consequences of dealing with his new foe. A new foe that has no problem killing when his rules are violated. Rules that involve using the Joker. After returning to the cave, Batman and the others investigate the bat and its condition leads him to someone he knows as Bruce Wayne.

In the dark aftermath of their meeting, Batman reluctantly releases Joker in order to continue his investigation as another infected kills again. A move that will make his investigation more dangerous as a target is put on his alter-ego’s back.

The Story: An exciting and wonderfully dark story for Batman in this issue. The tension continues to mount throughout this issue and the story continues to be enhanced by it. Silvestri delivers some fantastic moments for the character including a moment that highlights a flaw in Batman that is rarely discussed, hubris. I also love how the sidelining of Joker makes things harder and the moment between the two of them is compelling.

The Art: Silvestri delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. The details in the characters as well as the gritty look of the world of these characters catches the eye with every page and panel.

Batman and The Joker The Deadly Duo #3



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