Batman ’89 #2

DC Comics

Written by Sam Hamm

Art by John Quinones

Colors by Leonardo Ito

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: A serious mistake makes Batman question his mission as a young vigilante takes to the streets.

Cornered by the authorities, Batman has one chance to escape. Using his tools, the Dark Knight manages to make a hasty retreat, but his actions have a collateral cost. A cost that will not only make the vigilante question his mission, but will put a larger target on his back by Harvey Dent. As Harvey and Barbara try out some of the recovered Batman equipment they’ve been collecting, the DA has an idea about how he can track down the Batman and heads to Burnside to seek help from an old friend.

When a group of vigilante thugs adopt the Batman mantle, Bruce re-evaluates his mission and decides to try philanthropy instead. At the same time, a young man named Drake suits up to defend his neighborhood. After taking out the thugs during a course of a robbery, Drake’s location is compromised and the wrong people decide to leave the young man a message. One that will have an unexpected recipient.

The Story: Hamm continues to tell an interesting story in this issue. I was on the fence about the political influences in the story regarding the death of the young man in Burnside and continue to be. It’s not handled badly, but it feels out of place and more like a commentary rather than a story point. The Harvey Dent moments are well done, but the Bruce Wayne moments are clunky. What redeems the story ultimately is the surprise reappearance at the end of the issue and its ramifications make me curious about what comes next.

The Art: Quinones does a great job with the art in the issue. I like the character expressions and action overall. There are moments that I want to see more depth in the design, but it looks good and keeps the aesthetic established in the films.

Batman '89 #2



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