The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


Season One Episode One

End. Begin. All the Same


In the land of Thra, the narrator tells of the creation of the Crystal of Truth and how its protector Aughra is seduced by the Skeksis to abandon the planet to look beyond the stars. In her absence, the Skeksis use the Crystal to cheat death and use the creatures of Thra, especially the Gelflings, to rule over the planet. When the Crystal refuses to give more of its energy to the Skeksis, the emperor appoints his scientist to find a solution that will grant them eternal life.


When a young palace guard named Rian discovers that the Skeksis plans for their own immortality depends on the draining of the life essence from the Gelflings, he is forced to flee the castle and everything he knows to try to warn the Gelfling clans of what the Skeksis are doing.


The first episode of Age of Resistance introduces the viewer to the sweeping, beautiful vistas of Thra and the amazingly detailed creatures that inhabit it. The production design on this show is fantastic and the creatures are amazingly well done. I loved the look and feel of this episode and the story itself was captivating and engaging from the beginning. The political intrigue, the action and adventure elements reminded me of the first season of Game of Thrones and the writers do an excellent job of world building throughout this episode.

Age of Resistance takes the classic elements of a hero’s quest and make them vibrant and alive with great storytelling, impressive villains and stunning visuals. I was hooked after the first twenty minutes.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance S01XE01




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