Batman-47-1Batman #47

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Tony S Daniel

Inks by Tony S Daniel, Danny Miki and Sandu Florea

Colors by Tomeu Morey

It’s been another year in this alternate reality where Booster Gold went back in time and saved Bruce Wayne’s parents and things continue to get worse for the wannabe hero. After the tragic events of the last issue, Bruce Wayne has poured his money and resources into getting Skeets back online and his reasoning is clearly laid out in the targets of Batman and Catwoman that he is shooting holes into at Wayne Manor.


I like the fact that King and Daniel lay bare exactly what Bruce Wayne is looking for and it is nothing good. It’s also interesting to see that Bruce has decided to use the cave as an on-site prison to hold Booster Gold so he can get answers. It’s a pretty savage turn of events for Bruce and not that unsatisfying for the reader to witness. Booster Gold goes through some interesting turns as well as he tells his story to the people cleaning him up. His break with reality is almost tragic in a sense when you think about everything he’s done to try and be a hero and what it’s gotten him for this massive screw up.

When Booster is reunited with Skeets, it is another pretty comical moment as they banter back and forth only to be interrupted by Bruce from the darkest timeline. What happens when Bruce finally makes his demands of Booster isn’t difficult to figure out, neither is what happens next, but King does have a moment towards the end that is shocking for fans of the character, but not entirely out of place considering the circumstances. This is a pretty intense resolution of the Gift storyline and there are still moments that I have questions about, but it was wrapped up in a way that isn’t going to be easy to walk away from, especially for Booster. Well told.

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