We’re now four episodes into the second season of HBO’s hit series Westworld and the mysteries get deeper as Ford’s new narratives play out with guests and hosts alike.

In the third episode of the season “Virtu e Fortuna”, we are introduced to Grace. A guest of the Raj park, Grace is bored with her experience and wants to make sure that the man that she encounters is real. The way she goes about it is pretty intense and shows that this woman is not the typical guest of the park. In fact, she is eerily reminiscent of The Man in Black aka older William played by Ed Harris.


Grace discovers along with her new companion that the hosts are malfunctioning, including the animals and this forces her to flee from the site. It’s a pretty harrowing scene, but it does show that she is resourceful and capable of taking care of herself. After fighting off a Bengal tiger and falling into a lake, she washes up on the shore only to be taken by the Ghost Nation.


As interesting as she was a character in that episode, there was nothing to suggest that she would survive until she shows up again in the next episode The Riddle of the Sphinx. Not only is she alive, but she manages to find a way to escape, leaving the other guests with the Ghost Nation. Her ruthless devotion to her own survival adds another layer to her story and when she’s finally revealed, it is that much more interesting for what’s to come.



Grace comes upon William as he and his men are riding west to Glory and with two words changes the game for both William and the audience. Grace says “Hey Dad.” revealing herself to be William’s daughter Emily. We’ve only seen Emily as a young girl in flashbacks so it will be interesting to see how her personal journey landed her at a Delos Park considering her grandfather James Delos is dead, her mother killed herself and her uncle overdosed. Was her invitation to the park arranged by Ford as part of his new game with William? Or did Emily decide to follow her father in hopes of finding out what happened to her mother?

Either way, this narrative is about to get more interesting.

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