New Challengers #1

DC Comics

Written by Scott Snyder and Aaron Gillespie

Art by Andy Kubert

Inks by Klaus Janson

Colors by Brad Anderson

Over the Himalayas, a mystery man wrapped in bandages is desperate to reach a specific location and will do anything to get there.

At a mountain in Colorado a young woman materializes out of a machine and has no idea why or where she is. All she knows is that she’s alone and sporting a strange hourglass tattoo on her arm. She doesn’t have too long to wonder the who and what of it all as another person materializes in the machine as well. He seems to have some kind of military training and was on a mission of some kind when two more people arrive. Everyone is confused, disoriented and, in one case, angry. As they try and determine what’s happened, we get to see the circumstances that have brought them all together.


What works in the next panels is that you get to see the perspective of someone off the superhero grid. Someone being an everyday hero for the people around her while the world is in chaos. Her small taste of that chaos is both heroic and tragic at the same time and the mystery man who finally greets them gives them all some pretty grim news. As he tells them of their new destiny and explains the importance of their mission, one of the new team members learns a pretty brutal lesson about that mysterious Prof was actually trying to tell them.

As the team embarks of their first mission, we see some amazing visuals both from the mission, but also from inside the mountain. There are things in the panels that open new mysteries that look incredibly intriguing. I am really interested to see what comes next.

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