Barnstormers #1

Best Jackett Press

Written by Scott Snyder

Art by Tula Lotay

Colors by Dee Cunniffe

Letters by Richard Starkings

The Rundown: Bix and Tillie grow closer in the skies, but trouble is right on their heels.

For three weeks, Bix and Tillie have been flying south taking money wherever they land, perfecting their performances and robbing the rich. At the same time, Carlyle and his Pinkerton associate are following their trail and looking for a way to catch them. With Carlyle getting angrier, the two set out for Florida to catch them on their next job.

At the same time, Bix and Tillie grow closer and more daring as she wows the crowds and they talk about their pasts. After finding another rich party to rob, they find themselves face to face with Carlyle who gives chase, not caring about the destruction he leaves in his wake and determined to stop them one way or another.

The Story: Snyder crafts an entertaining, tension filled story that does a great job of balancing and evolving the characters in ways that make the story more compelling and engaging to the reader. There’s a wonderful balance between the romantic elements of the story and the darkness that is hanging over both characters and this issue brings those to a head in a way that makes me excited to see where the story goes next.

The Art: Lotay delivers some brilliantly detailed and beautifully composed art to this issue. There are scenes that remind of classic golden age film in both style and composition. A beautiful looking issue from start to finish.

Barnstormers #1



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