Aquaman Annual #2

DC Comics

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Vita Ayala

Art by Victor Ibanez

Colors by Jay David Ramos

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: With the symbol of Doom blotting out the sky, Arthur will have to both teach and learn the meaning of Amnesty.


Doom is spreading across the world and it is hitting Arthur’s home of Amnesty Bay as the town prepares to celebrate. To make matters worse, those who have taken Lex Luthor up on his offer are causing trouble in the form of a new villain looking to unseat the King of Atlantis from his throne.

Unfortunately for him, he’s too late.

After dispatching the poorly named usurper, Arthur has bigger fish to fry (no pun intended) when the influence of Doom brings out the negative emotions of everyone around him, causing Aquaman to race across the island to find a way to bring the people he cares about a little comfort before his home descends into Doom.

The Story: DeConnick and Ayala essentially pen a side story to the Justice/Doom War storyline that shows what is happening on the ground to the people not fighting. There are some interesting elements in this issue, but I wish the story had more weight for Arthur and his role in the battle. While I liked the humor and how the story played out, it suffered from a lack of stakes for anyone involved. Most annuals tend to focus on an aspect of the character that needs to be explored in order to prepare for the bigger arc. This one focused more on Arthur trying to be all things to all people and it’s unclear whether anything he did here has weight on his story in both his regular book and Justice League.

The Art: Ibanez’ art was great. All of the characters looked amazing and the panels were filled with details that opened up Arthur’s world on Amnesty Bay to the reader.


Aquaman Annual #2




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