Aquaman #66

DC Comics

Written by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Art by Miguel Mendonca and Marco Santucci

Colors by Ivan Plascencia and Arif Prianto

Letters by Clayton Cowles and Troy Peteri

The Rundown: As the rage of the Frost King continues to spread across the planet, not even Atlantis is immune to its icy touch.

With the threat of the Endless Winter touching every shore on the planet, the ice begins to affect Atlantis as well. Arthur and Mera race back to the kingdom to try to help in any way they can, but they are not the most welcome visitors to the Reverend Mother. With tension growing and the threat coming to their doors, Arthur has a bold plan that could stop the spread of the ice. A plan that will require the help of monsters.

With a plan in place, Arthur leaves the baby with Mera and proceeds to descend to the depths of the Earth to reach the Fire Trolls at its core. As he struggles to find a way to enlist their help, an unexpected arrival holds the key. After learning a lesson about family, Arthur and the fire trolls proceed to stop the ice creatures invading Atlantis and turn their collective sights to the Frost King himself.

The Story: Lanning and Marz do a great job of keeping the story focused while also touching on the bigger conflicts with Arthur and Mera. The plot plays out really well and there are some moments of humor and heart that are worth the read. While the enlistment of the Fire Trolls happens a little too fast to be believable, it does add some intersting story points as well as a focus back on Arthur’s relationship with his wife and their dynamic going forward.

The Art: Mandonca delivers some great art in this issue. There is a lot of action throughout and that is delivered with style and energy. The details in the backgrounds are brilliantly drawn and give a sense of scale that enhances the imagery.

Aquaman #66



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