Justice league #58

DC Comics

Written by Andy Lanning and Ron Marz

Art by Xermanico and Marco Santucci

Colors by Alex Sinclair and Arif Prianto

Letters by Tom Napolitano and Troy Peteri

The Rundown: With the League scattered, John Stewart must face down the Frost King alone.

The Justice League is scattered all over the world fighting the minions of the Frost King, but the villain himself is nowhere to be found. With their forces scattered, John Stewart continues to monitor the situation. Fortunately for some civilians caught in the dropping temperatures, monitoring doesn’t mean he can’t be out in the streets helping those in need.

As John contemplates what is happening and his own life as a hero, he gets some information from Detective Chimp that leads to questions about the motive of the Frost King and why he seems to be targeting research labs. John won’t have time to answer that question when the Frost King arrives at the steps of the Hall of Justice and John Stewart is the only member there to confront him.

The Story: Lanning and Marz craft an interesting story that is bolstered by its focus on John Stewart. Stewart is an engaging and dynamic character and it is heartening to see his personality and inner struggles showcased in this issue. It’s a shame that the character only gets portrayed as a member of a group because his personality never seems to be explored any other way. To make matters worse, after engaging with the character throughout the issue, the story decides that Stewart can’t stand alone or affect anything without the rest of the League and that taints everything that came before in the story.

The Art: Xermanico delivers some fantastic visuals throughout the issue. There are some great action moments for John Stewart that showcase his power and the Frost King confrontation was well done.

Justice league #58



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