Amazing Spider-Man #35

Marvel ComicsĀ 

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Oscar Bazaldua

Colors by Steve Firchow

Letters by Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: Doom wants the assassin who took a shot at him and Spider-Man will have to teach his sister a lesson in mercy.


Doom has cut off the city and deployed an army of Doombots to prevent anyone from coming in and out of the city. Something that seems strange considering the city is filled with superheroes. Spider-Man decides that the best way to stop Doom might be to find the assassin and present him to the despot.

Peter and Teresa track down the Chameleon and discover that bringing the assassin in will be more difficult than they thought and Teresa’s desire to kill the Chameleon himself will further complicate matters.

The Story: A good issue, but not a great story is about all I can say about this. With Doom’s ultimatum looming and everything uncovered by Peter and Teresa, I expected more from this story. Nick Spencer laid out an entertaining plot with entertaining moments with Peter and his sister, but everything else in the issue was painfully ok and even bland. After what happened with Miguel in the last issue, the convenience of the next time he’s mentioned is almost insulting. So far this Doom-centric storyline is not turning out to be that compelling. Hopefully it won’t last that long and the story can shift back to Spidey and Kindred.

The Art: Oscar Bazaldua does some great work with the art in this issue. I was really impressed with the way Spider-Man and Teresa looked in the issue and even Chameleon was well done. Doom was well done, but didn’t have the visual menace that he usually does.

Amazing Spider-Man #35




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