STL139173Conan Serpent War #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Jim Zub

Art by Scot Eaton

Inks by Scott Hanna

Colors by Frank D’Armata

Letters by Travis Lanham

The Rundown: A group of warriors from across time will be brought together to end a looming threat.


A dying warrior finds himself connected to a group of heroes from across time as an unseen force works to both connect them together and prepare them for battle. The warriors including Moon Knight, Conan, Solomon Kane and more.

With the serpent demon growing in strength across time and sending its forces out to retrieve the body of the warrior, the heroes gather across time to fight the same foes until they are brought together to fight as one.

The Story: Jim Zub has brought together and interesting and eclectic group of adventurers in this first issue. Even though the story serves more as an introduction of the characters and the plot revolves around the machinations that will bring them together, Zub manages to craft a story that is both entertaining and engaging in how those things come to pass. I like the tone and pace of this issue. There is an immediacy to the story, but it doesn’t feel rushed. The dialogue is great and I am absolutely engaged in this story and its characters. With the fun and creative way these characters were brought together, it will be interesting to see how they interact together, especially Conan.

The Art: Scot Eaton has some great visuals in this issue. Eaton makes the characters look amazing and there are some beautiful, dark moments throughout that play up the impending threat. I also live how the scenes transition between characters and especially how they are all visually brought together.


Conan Serpent War #1




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