736622._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Fantastic Four #7

Marvel Comics

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Aaron Kuder and John Lucas

Colors by Marte Gracia and Rochelle Rosenberg

Letters by Joe Caramagna

Victor Von Doom is poised to pull off the greatest victory of his life and his biggest rivals will bear witness.

After using Victorious to lure Galactus to Earth, he sends the young woman to it and watches her energy be siphoned off.


Reed and the others want to intervene, but Doom is able to convince them that his plans for Galactus are noble. He deploys cannons that will change Galactus to a force of good in the universe, sparing the universe from ever having to deal with it as s threat again.

After confirmation from Johnny and Ben that they’ve seen it before, Reed pitches in to help. Johnny goes to rescue Victorious, Ben goes after Galactus directly and Sue is rescuing the civilians in the area. All under the watchful eye of Doom’s cambots which are broadcasting all over the world live.

With Reed’s help they manage to subdue the creature, but in typical Doom fashion, his real plan for Galactus is more sinister, more self serving and can only succeed if he kills the Fantastic Four.

Dan Slott throws some interesting curveballs into this story and some genuine, if not completely unexpected, surprises as well. The story is very well told. The characters are great and their dialogue is great as well. Doom is putting on a grandiose performance in this issue and it works. Even the reveal and inevitable betrayal are handled brilliantly.

The art is really well done. I enjoyed the style and compositions from both Aaron Kuder and John Lucas. Galactus looked great and all of the action was beautiful.

Fantastic Four #7




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