murder-falcon-4_67bc1505c9Murder Falcon #4

Image Comics

Written by Daniel Warren Johnson

Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

Colors by Mike Spicer

Letters by Daniel Warren Johnson and Rus Wooton

The big bad finally reveals his plans and to defeat his latest monster the plan is going to need a last-minute addition to their upcoming set.

Brooticus is back and the band is basking in the afterglow of their recent victory. That victory is short-lived when Magnum Khaos decides to unleash his biggest veldar yet. A veldar that will put him in the field as he commands it himself and feeds on the brains of civilians.


This hands on attack is something the band wasn’t ready for and Khaos manages to take out all of them including Murf. It’s going to take a miracle to save Jake from Khaos and his own dark memories. A miracle in the form of a familiar face with a not so familiar instrument.

This issue of Murder Falcon gets heavy, in a good way. With all the fun, thrills and over the top action that Daniel Warren Johnson has infused into every issue of this story, it can be easy to overlook the character drama developing as well. Each issue has touched on a member of the band and their past with Jake, but this issue reveals there is something more to the story. Something we might have guessed at, but were probably wrong about. We finally get to see the behind the scenes pain that drove Jake to push everyone away.

Learning the truth adds a bittersweet, but hopeful slant to the conclusion of this issue. I continue to be blown away by the story and the visuals in each issue, but the heart and emotion conveyed in Jake’s story is what brings me back for each issue.

Murder Falcon #4




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