STL130224Year of the Villain: Lex Luthor #1

DC Comics

Written by Jason Latour

Art by Bryan Hitch

Inks by Hitch and Andrew Currie

Colors by Tomeu Morey

Letters by Tom Napolitano

The Rundown: Lex will traverse the multiverse to answer the questions that drive him, but is that all he’s after?


Lex Luthor has reached the pinnacle of his potential and he and Perpetua are prepared to bring Doom to the multiverse. But first, Lex will take a trip through the multiverse to see the ultimate end of those who share his name. His trips will culminate in him meeting his younger self and taking young Lex with him as he disposes of those who he deems unworthy and takes those he can use for his own ends on other Earths.

Each trip showcases the diversity of experiences Lex can have in his life and many show him a man he could become. For Lex, there is another motive for this trip. One that will signal that he either isn’t as sure of his victory as he would like everyone to believe or that he is always planning for every contingency.

The Story: Of all the Year of the Villain one-shots, this one is my favorite so far. I love seeing Lex travel the multiverse and discover different facets of his own personality and realities that bring him to the same conclusion. Jason Latour does a great job of taking Lex to different parts of his own mind and there are some profound psychological and philosophical moments throughout the story that give it a deeper meaning.

The Art: Bryan Hitch delivers some fantastic art in this issue. Everything from the different interpretations of Lex to the unique worlds of the multiverse are drawn brilliantly.

Year of the Villain Lex Luthor #1




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